Saturday, September 22, 2007

Week 9, Thing#23/ Summarize your thoughts about this program

Done!!!!!Well after two months of learning about the Internet and Web 2.0 I'm finished. I can't say I'll still use everything we've learned about, but I will stick with a few. I know I'll still be using my Bloglines account (after doing a little weeding). I want to do more with Wikis and try out one of the online meeting tools. Flickr has become the de facto "we want to see kitten pictures" site , so that will still get used. The one thing I don't see myself still using is this Blog. It was great to document my 23 things journey, but I don't know what else I'd use it for.

If something like this program was offered again, I'd do it. I learned a lot of cool things while participating. The only thing bad I would say (and it's not really that bad), is that I remember hearing that this would only take about a half hour per week. I know I spent, on average, about a half hour on every activity.

I guess, for me, this isn't really over though. I'm going to try and use what I've learned instead of just doing the activities and then forgetting about them.

We'll, that's it. I'm done. I gotta go put my axe upside someones head.

(aka Greg Miller)

Week 9, Thing#22/ Learn about Audiobooks

I've used Overdrive at work before so this asctivity was another no-brainer. I browsed the Science Fiction & Fantasy section to see what was there. Saw a lot of the classic writers like Asimov, Bradbury, and Orwell. I only found one title by R.A. Salvatore though, and that is not a good thing as far as I'm concerned (I'm a bit of a fanboy).

I think I'm going to download The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman. I've been meaning to read it for months now, so I'm going to try and listen to it instead. We'll see, I don't have much luck with listening to audio books. My mind tends to wander.

Next step is to try and download a book to the Palm ;)

Week 9, Thing #21/ Discover useful search tools for locating podcasts

Went through all three search tools and came to the conclusion that Yahoo Podcasts was the only one worth using. I had issues with both and, such as not being able to find anything I like and having trouble trying to find an RSS link. If I remember correctly, Podcastalley was pretty adamant about downloading something to the computer (very bad).

I looked for a podcast that would have something to do with Sci Fi/Fantasy literature and came across "Geek Fu Action Grip", which I added to my bloglines account. Mur Lafferty runs the podcast, and she describes herself as a gaming geek, SF geek, and podcasting geek. Sounds good to me! I look forward to listening to her next podcast.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Week 9, Thing #20/ Discover YouTube

Been using YouTube for a while now so this activity was a no-brainer. For me, YouTube has always been nothing but an entertainment web site. I've seen every World of Warcraft video created, not to mention a few of people doing stupid things. I chose the videos for obvious reasons, both are World of Warcraft creations. As far as how we could use YouTube for library purposes, at one time I know there was a video about the Towson library. To promote BCPL, maybe we could upload a video of the Arbutus library's drill cart team.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

YouTube Video

I'll post about my YouTube experience later. While searching for World of Warcraft videos I came across this one. Everything you see comes directly from the game.

And this one. Two things I love, WoW and heavy metal music.

Week 8, Thing #19/ Explore any site from the Web 2.0 awards list

I looked at I wanted to look at a site that had web based group chat for meetings. Maybe instead of us driving back and forth between branches we could just have a online meeting. Campfire seemed easy enough. After you set up the initial chat room, you send an email invite to anyone you want to have access. You can have a virtual meeting, share files, pictures, and you can invite guests into the chat if needed. Of course the problem I would have is I'm not that fast of a typist. If I had something in depth to say, it could take a while before I got my point across. Although it might cut down on the long winded tirades some people get into at meetings...

Week 8, Thing#18/ Looking at Online Productivity Tools

OK, so I'm creating this post in Zoho Writer. If you can read it I guess I was successful in publishing it. I like the Zoho Writer. It has everything Word has plus a few extra bells and whistles. Templates are a little weak though. Plus, I like the idea of free software. It frees up people from having to go out and by even more Micro$oft programs (anything to stick it to Mr. Gates). Next I'm going to play with all the other programs like Zoho Wiki, Sheet, Chat and maybe even Meeting.

Just did spell check. It thinks Zoho is spelled incorrectly. Don't you think they would know how to spell their own name? yell

(OK, everything transfered over except the emoticon at the end)