Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Week 3, Thing #7: Technology

About two months ago, after many many months of indecision, I bought my first Palm handheld computer. The Palm TX to be exact. Now, I still haven't figured out if this thing is a help or a hindrance to my daily routine. Here's why:

1) I can carry around just about all the information I could ever need.
2) I can see my special color coded daily schedule at a glance.
3) I could turn it into an MP3 player if I wanted to.
4) I can carry around pictures if I wanted to.
5) I can take notes at a meeting, then transfer the document to my computer. No more writing it down then entering it into Word later.
6) I can play games if I get bored in said meeting. This is a joke, I would never play games in a meeting.
7) I can surf the Internet if there is a wireless connection.

1) Being a guy, I either have to carry it in my pocket (looks funny), or purchase something so I can wear it on my belt (makes me look like a geek...quiet, I know what you're thinking.)
2) It cost way too much money.
3) The accessories I want to buy will cost even more money. Can you say "foldable keyboard?"
4) When I don't get my daily "to do" list done, everything moves to the next day with little exclamation points telling me how much of a slacker I am.
5) It takes me 5 times as long to enter my special color coded schedule then it did when I used a paper organizer (Day-Timers hates me now.)
6) Some people have commented that it is attached to my hand, and that I would have a nervous breakdown if I lost it.
7) I can surf the Internet if there is a wireless connection. Yeah, I know that was also a PRO, but sometimes I get addicted.

So, after all this, I still don't know if I like this thing or not. So, just do me a favor. If you see me with my Palm attached to my belt in some kind of holster...don't laugh too hard.


Little Chicken said...

You better like it... I know how much money you paid for it!

bluffingwildly said...

Sounds like it has already snagged you. It took me a while to move from a notebook scheduler to a PDA. With the notebook, I could remember where I noted something. Not as easy to do electronically. Still, I love the idea that I have a backup of everything on my PC if I drop the thing in a river or something. I bashed in the screen of one PDA by carrying it around in my pocket. I bought a hard case for the next one. Makes it even more bulky but I know that case has saved me a ton of $$ by protecting the current machine.